S/4HANA, the newest generation business system

In the digital economy, staying ahead of the competition is the foundation for the future. You can achieve this by realising integrated business processes, by predicting information and networks and simulating results. When you are capable of predicting your customers’ needs and you are able to make better forecasts, you will remain miles ahead of your competitors.

S/4HANA is easily adaptable to innovations!

Because S/4HANA has been constructed on the most advanced in-memory platform – SAP HANA –, the data model is simplified, user-friendliness has increased, and decision-making and business processes have sped up. With S/4HANA, SAP is responding to innovations, like the Internet of Things, Big Data and Mobile First; innovations which have the potential to directly generate added value for your entire organisation!

“We at Ardacon are confident that all SAP users will have switched to S/4HANA within ten years!”

Advantages S/4HANA

Simplified data model

Increased usability

Speed up of data processes, and therefore, better decision-making

Prepared for Big Data and the Internet of Things

Both in the cloud and on premise

Lower costs through heightened efficiency

Complete flexibility for the execution of strategy

Available on all devices

Constructed on in-memory platform SAP HANA

With SAP HANA, the in-memory platform upon which S/4HANA has been constructed, all of your organisation’s information can be displayed with just a touch of a button. Where old databases still store information that is redundant from a technical and performance perspective, SAP HANA is lightyears ahead of its time. The reduction of the dataset and use of unique information guarantees that SAP HANA saves the data more easily and your organisation can function more efficiently.