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Thanks to rapid technological developments, mobility in the consumer market has increased tremendously. Because of the smartphone and tablet, everything can now be found and reached. Also within professional organisations there is an increased need for this. Many organisations now try to make the switch to mobile applications, but because of the often complex system landscapes, this is usually difficult to realise. As a result, many organisations don’t do enough or nothing at all with this.

Let a new world open up to you.

Ardacon Consulting B.V. can help you. What have we seen? Many of the larger companies have done a good job organising their back-office and business automation. These systems, such as SAP for example, are often only accessible for inside staff and not for field service. However, field service often depends on data and therefore also needs a solid connection with the operating systems of the company. By applying mobility, all staff, including field service, is explicitly involved.

In practice, we see that the User Interface of the screens that the field service works with, is so user-friendly, the inside staff also want to work this way.

Instead of generic SAP screens that can be used by everyone, Fiori UX (User Experience) now comes with personified apps that do exactly the tasks that need to be done by the user. Thanks to SAP Fiori, we can help you with instant solutions that you can implement within your business network. The advantage of a large catalogue with available apps is that you do not have to develop at all, or development takes less effort.



We help you from A to Z

We are able to implement the entire process in collaboration with you. We start with orientation, for which, depending on your system landscape, mostly technical choices have to be made; how to exchange data in a safe manner by means of Gateway, use of Single Sign On, Fiori Launchpad as central entrance for users, development on the basis of Fiori Guidelines, accommodate business rules in BRF+ with as a result ‘light’ client and therefore little data traffic.

By means of various POCs, we assess which scenarios and solutions, depending on your requirements, suit your situation the best. Together with you, we successfully carry out these projects both project-based and factual. Following that, and if desired, we can also manage the solution we delivered.

An attractive approach for all employees

During the realisation we prefer to apply the Scrum approach. With sprint we can deal with evolving insights and as a consequence of this late changing requests and demands.

First, we look on a small scale if everything works properly for your company. We start out with a small pilot group to test the solution at an early stage. Following this, we increase this number and roll out the solution in its entirety. By evaluating continuously, an optimal solution is created. This way, you will get the user-friendly mobility solution you are looking for!

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